Learny Blog Launch!

Welcome! 🎉

You are reading the first blog post from Learny. We are just as excited as you are!

Our first blog plans to go over a few topics and give you a sneak peak of what’s to come in the near feature.

  1. What is Learny
  2. Why is Learny blogging
  3. What Learny will be blogging about
  4. How you can get involved

What Is Learny? 🤔

If you don’t know what Learny is, here’s a quick overview:

Learny is the only educational app that rewards children for math practice and beyond. Earn Fortnite V-Bucks, Pokemon cards, art supplies, books and more!

Kids are bored with educational apps but parents want their kids to do more than watch YouTube and play games on their digital devices. We bridge the gap by incentivizing kids to do math practice with the toys, games, and things they care about.

Kids can learn, earn and then redeem Learny Bucks for all kinds of prizes!

We’re making education rewarding. Literally.

Why Is Learny Blogging? 💭

Our blog is a way to connect with parents and provide content that is fun, transparent, engaging, but most importantly useful for our readers!

This is the ideal blog if you are interested in math tips and tricks, educational blogs, worksheets, or hearing about special Learny updates.

Please don’t hesitate to post a comment or give us suggestions on topics we should blog about!

What Will Learny Be Blogging About? 📚

We hope to excite our readers and provide valuable content! But how? Here is a list of topics we will cover in our weekly blog posts!

  • Educational blogs
  • Educational resources (Learning plans, how-to’s, worksheets)
  • Learny product updates and new features
  • Children and Parent guest features
  • Educational case studies

And so much more!

How Can I Get Involved? 😊

If you can’t get enough of Learny, you can interact with us on Social Media, join the Learny mailing list or join the LearnyWorld social network. A positive community where you can chat with other parents about Learny, education, parenting, and so much more!

Share your unique referral code to your friends or family and both of you will receive $5 Learny Bucks credit! 💰

Facebook: www.facebook.com/getlearny/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/learny.co

LearnyLand: https://learniverse.mn.co/share/Xm2iCyMnNMo8YeJp?utm_source=manual

🎉 We’re excited to have you join the Learny family! 🎉

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