A Guide To Your Online Classroom!

With classrooms on lockdown, students and teachers will have to adapt to new forms of learning and teaching. This new virtual reality can be somewhat difficult for students, parents and teachers to navigate though. We are missing the face-to-face interactions we are all used to that help produce direct feedback and growth. Working or learning from home can result in barriers like procrastination, falling off routines, or constant laziness. A new environment of learning will call for new ways of motivation and collaboration to help students strive to their best learning capabilities. Below are some recommendations proven to get students back on track with classroom quality learning from home.

  1. Get in The Habit of Routines

Why expect the unexpected when you can rely on a routine? Developing a routine has been proven to reduce stress levels, promote better sleep schedules and overall better health. Start the day off as if you were going into the office or getting your child ready for school. Get excited about the day ahead and all that is to be accomplished! Read more about the benefits of creating a routine HERE.

  1. Planning for What’s Ahead

Working or learning from home should not include falling behind. Staying organized is key when trying to tackle all the tasks being thrown your way. Google calendar or a planner are two ways to stay organized and on task. Making a checklist that outlines your day, week, or even month, and helps set you on the right track to accomplishing your goals. 

  1. Look Forward to The Future

Treat yourself after a long day of hard work. Being cooped up at the house all day, staring at a screen can make students jittery and eager to move around. Make sure to prioritize self care and mental stability. Schedule in some time to yourself to help motivate you and your student throughout the day. This can include going for a run, planning something fun with the family, and even TV time. Help your child stay motivated by giving them a little peek to what’s at the end of the rainbow.

  1. Find What Fits

Not all students learn the same. Find out what approach works best for your student. Whether this be through reading, being hands on, hand written notes, or flashcards. Help your student understand the best way to reach their full potential. Students themselves also may not know what works best for them at the moment and that’s where expereinmenting comes in handy. Try to introduce your student to different learning and studying techniques to find what works best for them. This can help with adjusting to online classes and developing studying methods for the future.

  1. Make Some Space

Your home is now doubling as a classroom. You are most likely spending all day in the same environment. “Leaving work at the office” is no longer available and the same applies to students. By combining home and work environments, negative connotations associated with work life that are usually escapable is no longer possible. An idea to solve this issue would be to create a space at home that is dedicated to work or school. Motivate your student by dedicating a space for them to learn rather than staying in bed or in an area full of distractions. Find a spot that will become associated with working that they can walk away from at the end of the day. 

Stay tuned for more Leanry blogs in the future. Get connected with our LearnyWorld (LINK) community to see how other parents and educators are staying motivated during these times. 

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