What Is Distance Learning and is it Effective?

Ever since COVID-19, quarantine, remote work, #stayathome, all became the norm, many students and parents have been introduced to a different concept of learning called distance learning. What exactly is distance learning? Is it the same is online learning? Is it effective? This short but insightful post plans to answer all three of those questionsContinue reading “What Is Distance Learning and is it Effective?”

A Guide To Your Online Classroom!

With classrooms on lockdown, students and teachers will have to adapt to new forms of learning and teaching. This new virtual reality can be somewhat difficult for students, parents and teachers to navigate though. We are missing the face-to-face interactions we are all used to that help produce direct feedback and growth. Working or learningContinue reading “A Guide To Your Online Classroom!”

5 Simple Ways To Make Homeschool Easier For Every Parent

COVID-19 has wealthy parents willing to pay $25-$60 per hour for private educators who teach for up to 5 hours a day (Business Insider). However, most parents cannot afford to pay such an expensive price for professional homeschooling and are taking it upon themselves to educate their children from home. Homeschooling your children takes massiveContinue reading “5 Simple Ways To Make Homeschool Easier For Every Parent”

How to Do Math With Your Child [Part 1]

This post is a guide for parents written by the Ontario Government in Canada. I plan to cut out all the fluff and pick the most important methods they mention in this lengthy e-book. I will link the full guide at the end of this post! They state that this guide is essential for parentsContinue reading “How to Do Math With Your Child [Part 1]”

5 Easy Strategies For Teaching Math To Your Kids

We all remember struggling with times table worksheets as kids. We may not have had the best teachers to guide us, but you can be the ideal teacher that kids need and help them strive in Math! Personally, I remember math being fun up until grade 11. (This is when we started calculus.) I alwaysContinue reading “5 Easy Strategies For Teaching Math To Your Kids”